puppy from us

First, I want to let you know that we don’t sell puppies based on color. So don't ask "I want to buy an aka-tora male". We receive such requests all the time, and we no longer even respond to such messages. Thank you for understanding that this is not a subscription product service.
We never know what color puppies will be born. The new homes of the puppies are determined by their nature. We want the right kind of home and puppy to get each other.

It is not worth rushing to take a puppy, because you are looking for a family member for the next 15 years or so.
It is worth taking the time to get to know the breed, ask questions and research.

At this point, our waiting list is about 1-2years long. So you cannot rush our puppies, you just have to wait. Also, don’t offer more money than the price of your puppy is, you won’t get on the waiting list with it.

No one can promise you the perfect dog, but you are more likely to have a healthy and brisk guy when you can do a little research on what kind of parents and what kind of breeder you choose your puppy from.

Litters of this breed are born less often in Finland, so you will probably have to wait for the puppy longer than in many other breeds.
We have compiled a small checklist of questions that we would like you to wonder on and then contact us.

What kind of dog do you want? Are you looking for a jogging buddy or maybe you want to go to shows? Are you hunter - do you want to try a new breed there? Do you dreaming of being a breeder?

Are you familiar with breed health information?
There are beliefs that this breed do not have hereditary diseases - we would rather say that very little is still known about them because there is little research on dogs in the home country of the breeds. Information only begins to emerge now, when e.g. here in the North, dogs are being health tested.

It is important to share information among breeders and publicly with you, potential puppy buyers, about everything related to health.
No show results/titles or jogging kilometers is inherited - bad health is often inherited.

What does the price of a puppy consist of and how much does the puppy cost?
The first thing to understand is that the buying puppy is probably the lowest of all. Feeding a dog, insuring (which we recommend), possible medication, show visits, etc. will certainly make up a larger amount over the life of the dog than the puppy itself.

The price of the puppies consists of e.g. the breeder’s costs of making that combination.
We have brought many dogs from Japan to Finland, which means that the price of dogs + import costs are harder than those bought here in Finland. However, we don’t pay for them with every new home, we have distributed them evenly across everything.
Dog health examinations, feeding, show visits, etc. is a lot of money.

The puppies cost 2300€ (+shipping and other costs) from us and they are always properly inspected by a veterinarian, registered with the Finnish Kennel Club (FCI) and identified.
I will be happy to tell you more.
You will receive a comprehensive puppy package with appropriate feeding and care instructions, as well as the first meals and the absolute help, support and friendship of the breeder.

We also pay little money back when you do official health examinations about 1.5-2 years of age.

Can I choose any puppy?
Basically, we try to see that the right kind of puppy and home meet each other. Sure, we’ll listen to your preferences for each litter, but don’t get upset if, as a calmer person, you don’t get the most active puppy you’ve been watching

Please contact by email rangerinkennel(at)gmail.com and please tell me about yourself, family, how you live, what purpose dog will come to you.. your dog experience etc interesting things. How you found/interested in kai ken’s - what you know them/have you met them etc.

You must have also questions about the breed/us/our dogs etc.

I’m quite strict where I sell my puppies, Hope you understand that <3